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Cars are parked on one side at all times. Bottleneck at peak hours as it becomes a one-way road. Please widen this road (from 2 to 3 lanes) or put a double yellow line. A temporary traffic light at peak times would also help. Cars can then … [more]

Junction as a whole is difficult for pedestrians, with cars coming from 5 directions including from the petrol station which cross the footway

Haywood Village used as a rat run by through traffic

Cycleway from Banwell to Winscombe along A371 needed to link Banwell to the Strawberry Line and provide a safe route to Churchill school

Traffic filter slowing cars as they approach the bend near the castle coming from Winscombe - there have been lots of accidents with people coming round the corner too fast

Pavement needed from top of Castle Hill to garden centre

Remove grassed area on pavement and replace with tarmac. Make path a shared path between Backwell and Fax Bourton. Enables people to walk/push pushchairs alongside each other and gets rid of a muddy mess. Also, removes cyclists from busy … [more]

The junction here forces pedestrians to take a circuitous route if they want to carry on on Drove Road

Cars are parked on one side at all times. Bottleneck at peak hours as it becomes a one-way road. Please widen this road (from 2 to 3 lanes) or put a double yellow line. A temporary traffic light at peak times would also help. Cars can then … [more]

There is no pavement for pedestrians to use when walking along the B3133 from Kingston Bridge to Kenn village. The verge is very narrow and dangerouly rough to walk along. Create a pavement from Kingston Bridge along the B3133 to Kenn

Impossible at busy times to pull out of junction on bicycle

Very narrow all along Blackmoor cars drive so fast and we all have drives straight onto the lane. No pavements and no street lights mean walking and cycling is so dangerous as well. Our children have to walk down the Lane to get the school … [more]

Drivers don’t stop at mini roundabout and cut corners at speed. So dangerous for us cyclists!

In response to the other tag here ( #189787 ): a gate has been there since approximately 1957 and has naturally been replaced by similar gates over the years. The gate is not locked and a public footpath waymarker disc has now been added to … [more]

Pavement should be 1m wide but decades of neglect from North Somerset Council contracts has left it barely half that due to the encroaching vegetation overgrowth.

And cycleway

Cycle way and footpath - plenty of room if hedge cut and grass verge repurposed

Cars travel dangerously fast around this bend, especially during 'rush hour' periods. Pedestrians, cyclists, and equestrians are at risk in these areas.

Pavement from Haberfield Bridge to a point opposite island, near Pill Road junction. Also install a cerntral island on A369 for pedestrians to cross, so meeting one of the priorities for a 'first and last mile’ access improvement to the … [more]

Footpath has not been maintained for far too many years, is rutted in places and gets very muddy. Needs attention such as gravel or reclaimed asphalt from road resurfacing and then levelled off, as at the moment it’s a trip hazard. Thank … [more]

Speed limit here too high, a path or better signage in the least is needed, pedestrians regularly use the public footpath in the Show Ground which is accessible from the road, traffic on the road is way too fast considering there is a … [more]

The path between Flax and Backwell is more often than not overgrown with weeds, blocked by overgrown hedges or impassable due to mud. It is not a safe route to school. Kids forced to walk on the top of the left hand verge near the road to … [more]

Very narrow section of path dangerous when lorries and buses are passing, needs to be widened, remove vegetation .

There is very limited pavement at the bus stop opposite Brockley Stores. With the current improvemnts for bus services it would make sense for pavement to be provided down to the Brockley crossroad traffic lights. Together with a safe … [more]

Used by HGVs sometimes, trying to cut through traffic - very dangerous! Ladymead Lane, Pudding Pie Lane, and Jubilee Lane all need a width and weight restriction.

The road here is dangerous with fast traffic that often exceeds 40 mph. A pavement between this spot and Swiss valley/ Holly Lane would enable more children and parents to walk safely from the Village to the local primary and secondary … [more]

Slow the traffic that races down Mendip Rd to bypass the congested high street

This part of West End Lane is single use and traffic drives too fast making it dangerous for pedestrians, cyclists and horse-riders.

30mph limit needs to start here. Existing location does not have impact. Village gateway feature with central island would reinforce.

30 mph limit needs to start here as existing position does not have impact. Village gateway here would reinforce speed limit.

Make all side roads in Nailsea 20mph, making space for all the community.

Reduce traffic speed to make it safer for cycling, walking and horse riding

Need a path over the green between Baltic Place/Precinct and the slipway, there is only a diagonal path to Methodist Church.

Make the road around the green behind Baltic Place one-way with marked parking.

Traffic travelling through Cleeve at 40 mph is dangerous and noisy. Some vehicles, including heavy lorries ignore the limit and thunder through the village, causing my rooms to vibrate!

A cycle path is needed because the traffic speed is too fast and cyclists choose to cycle on the pavement to feel safe, this in turn makes it dangerous for pedestrians walking on the pavement

Reduce speed along the whole length of Sheepway to 20 or 30mph. A lot of traffic is "rat run" and the cars speed through.

Rat run cars go far too fast. This should be a one way system too

There is no pavement through the village. The volume and speed of traffic makes it very difficult for pedestrians and cyclists. The width of the road could be increased by cutting back the hedge and removing the silt on the north side of … [more]

Develop the Blagdon to Congresbury spur of the Strawberry Line for walking and cycling. Could be used as a way for local residents along the line to reach services in the various villages or to link it part of a longer leisure route.

Pavement only on one side of the road and that is often obstructed by parked vehicles

Too many cars and they go too fast. Lots of walkers and children about also there is a school further down the road

Use old rail line as cycle path linking Wrington-Langford-Burrington

Widen pavement and Mead tennis courts path to create safe cycle link from the shop/Mead Lane to the school

20 mph zone needs to be implemented on this road

Better pavement and crossing needed here. School children crossing to and from school

This road needs to be resurfaced, as unsafe for cyclists

20 mph zone needs to be implemented through the village from this point

20 mph zone needs to be implemented through the village from this point

20 mph zone needs to be implemented through the village from this point

20 mph zone needs to be implemented through the village from this point

20 mph zone needs to be implemented through the village from this point

No pavement exists on this road. A 20 mph zone needs to be enacted along this road.

20 mph zone needs to be extended to this point

20 mph zone needs to be extended to this point

20 mph zone needs to be extended to this point

Hanham Way and The Causeway are used as a rat run. 5000 vehicles a day every day. Speed down Hanham Way is too fast for safety and noise reasons. Make Hanham Way 20mph. Make The Causeway one-way (heading out of Nailsea) it is too narrow, … [more]

Exit lane widened and visibility from taxiway improved

Extend left turn flare

Lane widening - flare extended

Link the camp with this road

Cycleway linking Locking village with Moor Lane

Virtual footway

Short footway

Reduce traffic speed to 20 mph down Chapel Hill to Old Street

Reduce traffic speed to 10mph from Moor Lane roundabout to Clevedon triangle

Reduce traffic to 10mph on Old Street through to Clevedon Triangle or even Fire Station

This is a narrow pavement never used for walking. But it would be a useful cycle lane for cyclists commuting between the School of Veterinary Science in Langford and Shipham, a popular residence for workers and some students. Cycling uphill … [more]

There is no continuous pavement on this road which means that pedestrians have to walk at the edge of the road. Kenn Street is used by all types of vehicles and most of them speed through the village, making walking very dangerous at … [more]

Pavement is too narrow and kerb too low. Widen pavement and raise kerbs for safe access to bus stops, pub, safe route to school.

Bus stop is located in bay. Move stop onto carriageway and re-locate bus shelter in existing bay. This will reinforce slowing at entrance to village.

Add new section of pavement on south side of A370 by removing central hatched area in carriageway. Add new crossing point with central island at western extremity of new footpath for safe route to school and Charlton Childrens Nursery

Crossing point with central island to serve bus stops in each direction, access to pub and lay-by, food van. Safe access to school for local residents.

Cycle link to Festival Way cycle path joins the A370 at a dangerous bend. Extend cycleway along wide verge to a new crossing point in vicinity of the Jubilee Public House. Crossing to serve pedestrians to bus stop and lay-by.

Crossroads for children on way to school and bus pick up, 150ft visibility 40 mph speed limit. Road is harzadous to cross and impossible for audible impaired and disabled

Tarmac path half covered with grass and weeds. Needs clearing at quarterly intervals.

Tarmac path grown over with turf and weeds

Need to create a safe footpath/cycleway from the town centre to the Hillside area - one that is attractive to use and with appropriate gradients.

Limit car space (car space-charge). We need more investments in direct bicycle pathways (from suburbs to town-center) and public infrastructure projects (widen the pavements) for those who use wheelchairs and mobility scooters.

Slow traffic down on Avon Cycleway

Slow traffic down on Avon Cycleway

20mph zone needed

Chicane to discourage speed

Make Kenn St less usable for through traffic

This road is used as a rat run and people drive very fast up and down the hill. Frequent collisions occur, especially near entrance to park and entrace to road at each end. Make this one-way or no-through-road, limit to 20mph with road … [more]

The cars parked along here make traffic a nightmare - introduce yellow lines on one side of the road to control parking, and slow traffic to 20mph as there are shops, eateries and pubs through here. Inroduce a cycle lane, again restricting … [more]

This would be a good place to slow traffic and create a travel hub linking bus routes and stops at Borough Arms and the Miton train station. Introduce pedestrian and cyclist priority crossing and cycle lanes.

Discourage HGV's and vans using the road as a shortcut

The Down Road is way too fast and it's only safe when there are masses of cars dropping off their children at High Down School. If a DEFINED cycleway was introduced (with physical separation from the "road") along the length of Down Road … [more]

Fast traffic near schools

Vehicles travelling with excessive speed up/down Ashcombe Park Road, which is especially dangerous near to the public access points to the park. Suggest reduced speed limit, one way system or dead end.

Pave and widen this path to connect Yeo and Chew valleys

Remove through traffic

Cycle path needed between Churchill lights and Front St so people can cycle to school

Cycle path needed between Churchill lights and Front Street so people can cycle to school

Cycleway needed between Burrington Turn and the bus stops on the a38 so people can go between blagdon/rickford/chew valley and langord bus stops/churchill old road/GPs/budgets/school

Upgrade footpath to cycle path so people can cycle to Blagdon from the west - Clanders Batch is too steep and the Coombe too steep and dangerous

Urgently need a safe crossing at this roundabout

Improve this cycle route - surface, lighting, signing and improvement to traffic lights

Zebra crossing needed

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